5 Things I Am Loving This Autumn/Winter

It is officially cold outside! The time has come to ditch the floppy sunhats and statement sunglasses for another year, in favour for snuggly polo neck jumpers and knee high boots. If you had asked me a month ago, I was sooo not happy that summer was over; that was until I discovered these beauties…
The Beret

Headwear has never been so chic! Now, I have never been a self-proclaimed hat person…hats just DO NOT suit me unless they are of the oversized hide my face sunhat variety. But berets, they are a life-changer. Perched on the crown of your head, these Parisian fashion statements are so effortless and, dare I say it, cool. I now have three, but my favourite is my blush fluffy number from M&S; it’s the beret of dreams.

Leopard Print

So I may have gotten a little obsessed with this fall trend. Animal Print is all the rage right now (look in literally any shop window and it’s probably there!) I am not a fan of snake print, as honestly snakes really creep me out, or zebra print, it is too BAMN in your face…but leopard print. A classic that always finds it way back into trend again, leopard print has this timeless quality, when done well. My tip for finding the perfect piece is to search for prints that are not too busy; the larger the negative space around the print itself, the more expensive the piece seems. I also find that if the print is too warm, it looks cheaper; the cooler beiges vs the warm oranges work better for the timeless vibes.

Not ready to dress head to toe in safari fashion? Invest in key accessory pieces. I adore my beautiful bucket bag from Topshop. It’s statement without being STATEMENT, you know?

The Lipgloss

Now the weather has gotten colder, and our central heating is probably turned up as high as it can go, our skin is constantly battling with contrasting elements. This ‘cold to warm to cold to warm’ leaves our skin dry and cracked. Sadly, our favourite matt lipsticks are not the answer here (believe me I’ve tried), instead this season is where lipglosses really shine (literally and metaphorically).

My favourite make up brand of all time is Bare Minerals. I have unbelievably sensitive skin and before I found this brand, I reacted to *everything*. Earlier this year, I trailed a mascara and have never looked back since! Now, I own only Bare Mineral make up products, (apart from a Benefit Brow palette, because a girl needs those eyebrows on fleek, and Charlotte Tilbury Lipticks and Lip Liners because…heaven). Why? They are just. that. good. Their lipgloss is no exception; I am currently using the ‘Fly’ Lipgloss, and teamed with a barely there lip liner the effect is gorgeous.

For unchapped lip upkeep, I have discovered the joy of the Elizabeth Arden ‘Eight Hour Cream‘. If I find myself with dry lips, I pop this on just before I go to bed and I wake up with smooth and kissable lips!

The Book

In September, I decided to leave my job and pursue my dreams of self-employment. The choice was emotionally very hard, as I had no idea what came next, but I was determined to follow my heart and chase what I knew would fufill my soul and bring me joy.

Since then, life has been a whirlwind. A few days after I left my job, my family life was turned upside down as we endured trauma; leading us to spending weeks journeying back and forth to the hospital, and weeks afterwards dealing with the aftermath. I must admit, I found it hard to bounce back after being dealt such a blow out of nowhere. But this last couple of weeks, I have begun to feel motivated again, and have re-found my identity.

Self-employment hasn’t gotten off to a fabulous start BUT, as they say, all great things take time. Reading has definitely helped to re-inspire and re-motivate my soul, and this little beauty is no exception.

I love the fact that this gorgeous book is bag sized. It can be popped in a bag, and read on a commute, at lunch at work or as a bitesize break from Netflix marathons.

The Earrings

This past year has been a year of establishing my identity and settling into my *grown up* personal style. I had a HUGE HUGE clear out of old clothes and accessories (I am such a hoarder, I genuinely still had clothes that I wore in my early teens!), and since then have focused on buying statement pieces that ticked the boxes of classic and chic.

Accessories play an incredibly important part in elevating an outfit; the right necklace can transform a jumper into a convincing cashmere dupe, the perfect earrings can add a touch of glamour to a simple outfit. My personal favourite pieces to wear are earrings; subtly peaking out when hair is tucked behind an ear. Earrings are a low-key, low-maintenance sparkle to everyday outfits, and I can’t get enough of them.

NGL, I love pom-pom earrings as much as the next girl (genuinely have three pairs #noshame), but I have found that the earrings that stand the test of time are the ones made of shiny metal. I am LOVING gold and rose gold at the moment. Like the Astrid & Miyu ‘Sleeper’ style earrings that are so very desirable, little hoops with warm gold tones are understated things of beauty.

Now, just because I only buy earrings that are (bar pom-poms and torteshell) doesn’t mean I can’t gather a collection of the quirky and wonderful. Lovisa is a fashion retailer that combines the classic and the quirky together in a way that just works. Following trends, but mainly sticking to classic metal, you can find gorgeous statement pieces here for under £10! From stars to seashells, gorgeous leaves to glam faces; this shop has it all.

What are the things you have been loving this autumn/winter? Let me know in the comments below, I would love to hear from you!


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