The Cleansing Product You Need.

For a long time, I have been in a fight with my skin-care, constantly battling dry skin and oily blocked pores. This cycle of sensitive combination skin was (and sometimes still is) frustrating; many cleansers that promote the disappearance of spots and oily skin, end up majorly drying the skin on the face instead. Ouch.

The answer? The Bare Minerals ‘Clay Chameleon Transforming Purfying Cleanser’; a clay-to-cream facial dream. Combining purifying Brazilian Red Clay, mineral-rich Sea Salt and Bamboo extracts, this cleanser detoxifies…with an emphasis on gentle.

The no-fuss way that I apply this cleanser is as follows! I squeeze a 3cm dollop of pink creamy clay goodness into the palm of my hands, and mix together with a very small splash of water. Smearing my face with gentle, small circular movements; I lather up the mixture until it turns from pink to white. I then gently wipe off the cleanser using a soft cloth (I use the Liz Earle cotton cloths, as they are super kind to my skin) and I’m done! Easy peasy!

I just love the way my skin feels after I use this gorgeous pink beauty. After a quick application and gentle wipe off, my skin feels so soft to touch. Genuinely, like a feather.

Another way I use this cleanser is as a hardcore face mask. Rubbing the pink clay directly on my face without mixing with water, I wait 30 minutes before washing off. Voila! Soft and supple skin, without an oily pore in sight.

The revival of natural VS chemical has been a revelation that has totally rocked my world this year. I didn’t realise the damage I was creating by using packet make-up wipes pre-loaded and saturated with a huge long list of artificial chemicals and perfumes. Since I have switched to a skin-care brand that is a huge advocate of using natural ingredients, my skin has noticeably calmed and settled. Yes, I do still have days/weeks where something I have eaten or touched flares up my dermatitis (who’s with me?!) but on the whole, my skin is so much better than last year.

One thing I have found is that this cleanser is a little too powerful to use around the eye area. The very few times I have tried to remove my mascara and eye make-up using this cleanser, the clay has ended up in my eyes and girl was it painful! Instead, I use the Bare Minerals ‘Oil Obsessed™ Total Cleansing Oil’ to effortlessly glide over my eyes, removing mascara with two swipes. No more pain, yay!

You babes know how much I love Bare Minerals, and once again their formulations have ticked every box for me. This cleanser has totally transformed my night-time routine, and eliminated SO MANY blocked pores that other cleansers could not even touch. I just know this will be a skin-care staple in my cupboard for years to come.


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The Cleansing Product You Need.